Friday, January 31, 2020

Science Report About Education Process Essay Example for Free

Science Report About Education Process Essay There is one fact, and that is that children are curious about everything, and a good way of promoting this is by letting them find and explore new things in their daily lives and in the classroom. So it is essential for them to seek for answers and solve problems. I find it interesting how children are so true and honest about everything they do, for example, when they are looking for something in specific, they get engaged with it and encourage themselves to keep searching until they get the answers. So, if they do this in their daily lives, why not applying this in their learning basis? Children need to work with concrete activities, so that it is easier for them to motivate themselves and develop knowledge in the topic. If we want our students to have a positive attitude in each activity they develop during class, then as a teacher we must have it as well. As an educator, we have to be engaged with science, and we don’t need to be a biologist to work with it, we just have to make research about the topics, the materials used in class, what is appropriate to use in the classroom, and that sort of things. So as a teacher, it’s all right being messy, however we must be organized at all times. Something that I really captured about the reading is the importance of letting children learn with each activity by using their senses. I think the use of senses is probably the best way to provide a well elaborated work. Such as: letting them smell new natural smells, finger-play with different materials or by planting flowers or different vegetables, by looking at pictures and recognizing each element, and also by tasting maybe a vegetable (the teacher needs to do research about it), but still giving them the possibility of experimenting with each activity, and working concretely. Diversity is the key to working in and with science, so it is necessary and essential to bring science to the classroom to engage each student in discovering and building new ideas.

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