Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Personal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal - Essay Example Secondly, one has to ensure that the business they are operating abides with the law. Dealing with un-licensed and illegal businesses has been one crime that the government has been fighting for many years. Those arrested due to operation of such businesses have always faced harsh penalties, in accordance with the set laws. Therefore, this paper seeks to answer some of the life questions that working adults have to resolve in their lives. What keeps me awake at night every day are my goals and priorities. Every night, I have to ensure that my day’s plans are accomplished. This is to ensure that I start my day without carrying forward any unaccomplished tasks. I have set my daily goals in which they have to be accomplished. Failure to accomplish them is an indication that my work is lagging behind. That is another indicator of laziness and lack of focus in life. This is the reason I have to ensure that a day’s target is achieved. Planning next day’s targets is another reason to stay up late at night. As the manager of my life, it’s my duty to ensure that I have outlined the things that am supposed to do and what I have to achieve on that day (Todd, 25-34). Therefore, no matter how engaging my day may have been, I must plan the next day’s targets and the way to achieve them. I believe in the slogan that says â€Å"failure to plan is planning to fail.† I have come to realize tha t those who go to bed without analyzing their accomplishments and their failures do not move forward. Therefore, I have made it a habit to analyze all that I have accomplished daily and what I have not. In addition, I have to get a reason for my failure to accomplish a certain task so that I may not repeat the mistake in future. Looking around my friends and those close to me, I get scared since I realize they do not have plans for the future. By future I mean plans for the next second, minute or day. Many of them

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